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Tue May 3 09:41:28 MDT 2011

Ron - Don't panic yet. Plumb in a good quality mechanical gauge along with 
the current oil light sending unit to see what the oil pressure is really 
like. A gauge with a 270 sweep and a top end reading of 100  psi should do 
it. Now you can compare actual values to the book recommendations and see 
what's next. Wish for a bad oil pressure sending unit! I was horrified when 
I had "0" psi on a 120 H.P. Deere farm tractor. A new sending unit restored 
the pressure back to 60  psi.

Alex Thomson

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> My sports six, which has a gt6 engine. Recently the oil light has started 
> coming on more frequently as it idles. The idle speed has not changed, it 
> is full of fresh oil, Castrol 20-50. everything seems ok, just strange 
> that the light has begun lighting all of a sudden.
> any ideas asto why?
> Ronnie Babbitt
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