[TR] Christian Marx seal part 2

Chris Simo ccsimonsen at gmail.com
Mon May 2 15:31:14 MDT 2011

Install experience with the seal was good.  Looked more difficult than it

1.  Getting the parts was easy - got the parts and alignment tool from Joe
Alexander and paid with Paypal.  I understand the Roadster Factory also
sources them. I called joe a few times with questions and he was happy to
work with me.
2.  Centering the clamshell scroll seal  was straight forward.  I got the
machined clamshell scroll seal from Joe - nicely done - but since it is not
the one that came off the engine some modification to the mounting holes was
required to center the clamshell properly.   I would not attempt install
with out a centering tool.  If I had my original clamshell machined locally
- which is an option - the mods necessary to center the clamshelll would
have been zero or minimal (my original clamshell had a few severely modified
out holes on it).
3. I needed to shorten the bolts that attach the flywheel - the ends
protruded and would have contacted the seal.  I was very careful not to heat
up these bolts while grinding them shorter - my method - hold them with my
gloves - when they were too hot to hold - switch to another bolt continue
until finished.
4.  Scary part - Assembly and getting everything to line up -  I was worried
that the seal would rotate as things were bolted up. I'm not sure this was
wise but I cut my notch a tad bit wider than shown in Christian's write up
http://www.tr4-racing.de/download/splitseal.pdf.  I marked alignment points
with a silver and black sharpie.  It did move during assembly but on my
second attempt the marks on the lip seal were pretty close to the marks on
the clamshell.  With the slightly wider notch I felt comfortable that any
oil can drain into the crankcase.

1963 TR4

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