[TR] TR4A - Starter Solenoid Wiring

G.D. Huggins guy at genfiniti.com
Sun May 1 08:26:10 MDT 2011


I am in the process of terminating the wiring from the Masters kit on my car, and am not really sure how to terminate the wires to the starter solenoid.
My solenoid has a total of four terminals; two large, two small.  The two small terminals are labeled as "S" and "I".

The diagram shows five wires terminating to only three places on the solenoid:

Place "A" Terminal
From the positive battery terminal - provides constant potential
From the "power terminal" on the "power block" - to provide constant potential to the block itself
From the alternator (brown wire) - methinks output to recharge the battery

Place "B" Terminal
From the starter - when solenoid is closed, power flows to the starter through this wire

Place "C" Terminal
From the starter relay - controlled by the ignition switch.  Turn the switch and power hits this terminal, closing the solenoid

I am thinking that "A" and "B" are the two large terminals on the solenoid, because a bigger load means bigger terminals. (Plus, the lines on the diagram are thick.)
I was also thinking that "C" will be the small terminal labeled "I" for ignition.  This would leave the small "S" terminal with nothing on it.

Does this sound right?  Anyone else have this setup and can check for me?
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Guy D. Huggins
1965 Triumph TR4A
CTC 63569LO

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