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> ...was a VW Automatic Stick Shift.  There may have been alcohol
> involved.  I never did quite figure it out.

A strange creation indeed.  Microswitches in the shift lever were supposed
to detect when you grabbed it, and automagically disengage the
vacuum-operated clutch.  The torque converter took care of stopping and any
speed mismatch, so the clutch could simply be engaged fairly rapidly when
you let go of the lever.

That was not all that different than the optional "Standrive" (Standard 10) or
"Triumatic" (the version in the US Triumph 10)!
I think that the major difference was that the Standrive/Triumatic didn't
really have a torque converter as such; rather, some
really bizarre, clever clutch setup.

All things considered, I'd rather have an A-type <G>

At least in theory, one could have had both on a Standard / Triumph 10, with a
Laycock overdrive behind the Standrive /
 Triumatic gearbox -- a seven-speed "automatic"!

--Andy Mace

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