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Two things:
1.  I have found that if you do not flatten the hole areas on the oil pan with a ball peen, no amount of abbra cadabbra is going to prevent pan drips. 
2.  I thought that the original scroll for a rear seal was laughable until I installed the "new and improved" modern rear seal.  What makes this even more laughable is the wad that I spent on it. 
I may be wrong here, but I recall something about wrong specs for the crank grind for the modern seal.  
My remedy was easy. I bought the biggest drip pan I could find. 
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All right, I'm ready.B Done.B It's time to move on it.B Gadfrey.

I'm using the original oil pan and a valve cover from E-Bay.B  The valve cover
leaks, even with that terrific silicon gasket.B  The oil pan, I'm not sure,
but there's oil everywhere under there.B  The front and rear seals are new.B 
The rear is the modified new type.

What valve cover do people recommend?B  And if anyone has a good one hanging
around, I'm interested.

But before that, what exactly is it about oil pan distortion caused by erratic
torquing of the bolts. ISTR discussion that this is noted as a reason for them
not to seal properly, and has almost certainly happened on my 50 year old
pan.B  Is that a myth?

I fail to see the humor in dead pan.B  Or is it, dead-pan humor???

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A

New Hamsphire

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