[TR] Oil Seals

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Mar 29 16:38:09 MST 2010

> All right, I'm ready.B Done.B It's time to move on it.B Gadfrey.

Any chance you could teach your email client to speak only ASCII?  Those
'B's are getting annoying ...

> What valve cover do people recommend?B  

I rather like the original stamped steel one.  With one of Justin's silicone
gaskets, it shouldn't leak unless there is actually a hole in it somewhere,
or a substantial flaw in the sealing surfaces.  And not being able to use
Justin's gasket with the aftermarket covers would be major minus, for me.

> And if anyone has a good one hanging
> around, I'm interested.

I'm sure you can find one closer to home, but if not, I'm sure I've got a
few.  Might need some minor tapping back into shape here and there, though.

> But before that, what exactly is it about oil pan distortion caused by
> erratic
> torquing of the bolts.

I'm not sure I understand the question.  The problem isn't so much erratic
tightening, as overtightening.  Too much force crushes the gasket and
distorts the pan flange, ensuring that it cannot seal.

> Is that a myth?

Nope, it's quite real.  Lay any sort of straightedge along the sealing
surface and look to see how they meet.  If you happen to have a cylinder
block handy, you can lay the pan on it without a gasket, and use a feeler
gauge to check for gaps.

> I fail to see the humor in dead pan.B  Or is it, dead-pan humor???

I wouldn't know anything about that.  But I'd sure hate to try to cook with
a live one.

-- Randall 

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