[TR] TR3A A-Type Overdrive Oil Change

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 I, too, have a 57 TR3 and other than the odd dribble of oil on the carpets it
is much easier to top up than is the TR6.


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Actually, the factory thought of it half a century ago.  If your   TR has a
dip stick you have a transmission form an earlier car.  Or a   cover from a
later car.  That feature was eliminated along with the   factory provided
hole at some point in production, not doubt to   save a few pennies.  My 57
has both.

Oh, now I get it! I have a TR3A built in October '57, so when I read about
having to cut a hole in the cover and it taking half an hour to top up the
oil, I was very confused. I didn't realise that feature was deleted on later
cars. That's really good to know.

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