[TR] TR3A 3rd Brake light

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Mar 23 16:38:26 MST 2010

> Another way to get a similar advantage is to use dual filament bulbs
> in the turn signal fixtures with the second filament being used as
> additional brake lights.  This is what I have done.

I tried that on my 3A, but didn't really like the effect.  The problem is
that the dual filament bulbs have a 'dim' and 'bright' filament; if the
bright filament is on then it's impossible to tell if the dim one is on or
not.  So if you use the bright filament for brakes, your turn signals cannot
be seen when the brakes are on.  And the dim filament is, well, dim.

On my TR3, which has only the corner turn/tail lamps and center brake light;
I added relays to make the bright filament do double duty (as was standard
on American cars for many years).  This could easily be extended to the
beehive turn signals, and IMO would be preferable to the dual filament

One of my future lighting projects will be to convert the center
brake/license light to LED, so the license light does not illuminate the red
portion of the lens.

But I have to say that, of all the times I've been rear-ended in my TR3A; I
don't believe that brighter brake lights would have helped.  There just
isn't much you can do about people who aren't paying attention, or follow
too close for conditions. 

-- Randall 

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