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Tue Mar 23 11:15:26 MST 2010

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From: John A. Wise <60TR3A at cox.net>

A couple of weeks ago at the Phoenix Wheels of Britain gathering, one of the
regular TR3 guys had converted the license plate light of his latter model
back to the earlier brake light/license light.  I am thinking about doing the
same thing.  The only real (& trivial) change will be to run a brake wire to
the fixture.

It's not quite that simple, unfortunately. Mounting the earlier lamp will
require a fairly sizeable hole to be cut in the rear apron panel
to accommodate the bulb socket of the lamp. The only other option would be to
craft some sort of plinth for mounting the lamp.

On the other hand, both lamps are very roughly the same "footprint," so I
suspect that the later license plate lamp would cover any
such large hole cut in the rear apron.

I've seen this done on Heralds and Sports 6s and have considered doing it on
my Herald. Fortunately, those cars do already have a plinth
on which the lamp mounts to the trunk lid.

Interestingly, the earlier L525 lamp is less expensive new than the later L467
lamp, at least from Holden in the UK!

--Andy Mace

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