[TR] 3 peices of fuel line?

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed Mar 17 11:45:26 MST 2010

> The set
> runs from the tank to the fuel pump of my TR3.  Does anyone have an
> idea what order the 3 pieces are used in.

The short curved piece would be from the fuel tap to the flexible line to
the pump.  If your car is late enough to lack the fuel tap, then I think the
short piece is unused (and perhaps you have the wrong set for your car).

I don't know how to identify the other two pieces, but you might try
comparing them to the diagram in the Moss catalog.  The loops near where the
line attaches to the tank should be easily identifiable, even though they
will be a little different for your car than shown in the diagram.

>     Secondly, how do I join the three pieces

The front two pieces get joined by the fuel tap; the rear two by a
compression fitting.

-- Randall 

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