[TR] TR250/6 fan belts

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What Stan said, but here is the addition of my experience.  I went a slightly
different route, and used a GM alternator and mounted it upside down.  A
write-up of my experience is located at triumphowners.com/108 if you have an
interest.  I did run into the same problem you describe, needing a new fan
belt and not knowing what size would work.  I went to the local NAPA store and
came back with a fan belt that was, of course, too short.  So the next time I
went I bought three, each slightly longer than the next, with the full
knowledge of the staff there that I would return the two that were not the
right length.  That solution worked and an hour after I left I returned with
the two unused fan belts.  Problem solved.

Let us know what works for you.


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Ed, I use a 45.5 inch belt with that alternator. It is NAPA part number 9455
and I have the standard alternator bracket, just blinged up a bit.


You should be able to lever the engine back to allow the belt to clear the
rack for removal and installation.


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After resolving the electrical questions regarding fitment of the Bosch
alternator to the TR250, thanks to a number of people on this List, I find
that the present fan belt is too short for the Bosch. Since the fan belt
placed the Lucas at its minimum position, almost touching the fuel line and
almost blocking access to #1 plug, I suspect that it was incorrect even for
the Lucas.

So, my question of the hour is: what's the correct fan belt of the TR250,
Does someone on the List have information that would be recognized by a FLAPS

I would prefer not to take the existing belt off to present at the FLAPS
counter, since it involves unbolting and moving the steering rack!

And just out of curiousity, what's its width, 3/8" or 1/2"

With 38 hours till departure,

Ed Woods

P.S. Didn't someone tell me to get 1000 miles on a car locally before a long
trip? Why am I ignoring that sage advice (again)?

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