[TR] Water pump housing inlet/outlet question

Carl TR cfmtr3a at verizon.net
Thu Mar 11 14:38:00 MST 2010

Thank you.  That is the one I put on the engine and then found the other.

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>> Everything is the same except the opening on the one that is
>> on top has two different opening sizes:  3/8" & 5/8".  Which
>> one is correct?
> That would be the opening for the bypass line (short hose to the 
> thermostat
> housing), correct?
> IIRC, the larger hole was found on the TR3 engines.  They made it smaller
> later, to force more water to flow through the radiator.  Lots of folks 
> add
> even more restriction, for the same reason.  At the moment, I've got mine
> totally blocked (and a hole through the thermostat so some water always
> flows through the radiator).
> Given the choice, I'd probably go for the smaller opening.
> -- Randall
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