[TR] unknown bolts for adjustable rollbar

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thanks Bill!
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> Those are the anchor bolts for the straps that hold your gas tank, should 
> be
> two more like it in the trunk just on the gas tank side of the rear
> partition.
> I am no roll-bar expert, and hopefully someone will chime in here, but I
> should think that you would go all the way through to the frame to anchor 
> it
> securely.
> Bill
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> Long time, no see.
> I am installing an adjustable rollbar on my 60 TR3A.  'Adjustable' because 
> I
> don't really know where on the back shelf to position and mount it.  It's
> heavy (schedule 40) and narrow and by 'trial' mounting it thisway I'll be
> able to decide it's position and heighth.  I used 6 pieces of
> particle-board-shelves (cheap and heavy) with 3 of them under the feet of
> the rollbar and 3 immediatly on-top of the feet.  This seems to hold it
> steady (mind you, I've not driven this car...yet!).  Of course, I need to
> mount it to something.
>     On the rear of the shelf and almost in the boot, is of course, the gas
> tank.  On the front side of the tank are two brackets (pedestals) that 
> hold
> the tank up.  They are welded to the shelf, howesver, they also have a 
> bolt
> and welded nuts attached.  WHAT ARE THESE TWO BOLTS FOR?  They are 7/16"
> fine thread.  These might temporaily anchor my adjustable rollbar.
> Thanks, Paul Dorsey             60 TR3A
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