[TR] unknown bolts for adjustable rollbar

Paul Dorsey dorpaul at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 8 19:05:34 MST 2010

Long time, no see.

I am installing an adjustable rollbar on my 60 TR3A.  'Adjustable' because I
don't really know where on the back shelf to position and mount it.  It's
heavy (schedule 40) and narrow and by 'trial' mounting it thisway I'll be able
to decide it's position and heighth.  I used 6 pieces of
particle-board-shelves (cheap and heavy) with 3 of them under the feet of the
rollbar and 3 immediatly on-top of the feet.  This seems to hold it steady
(mind you, I've not driven this car...yet!).  Of course, I need to mount it to
     On the rear of the shelf and almost in the boot, is of course, the gas
tank.  On the front side of the tank are two brackets (pedestals) that hold
the tank up.  They are welded to the shelf, howesver, they also have a bolt
and welded nuts attached.  WHAT ARE THESE TWO BOLTS FOR?  They are 7/16" fine
thread.  These might temporaily anchor my adjustable rollbar.

Thanks, Paul Dorsey             60 TR3A

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