[TR] wire wheel advice need

John Reed jr468 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 15:29:42 MST 2010

Thanks to everyone that sent replies when I was looking for help in deciding
if and what size wire wheels to get for my TR3.  There were lots of opinions,
and it was helpful to hear them all.  I decided on 15x5.5 72 spoke Dunlop
wheels.  Everyone that had tried wider wheels and tires liked them and highly
recommended them.  No one had complaints about heavier steering.  All with
wider tires liked the handling better.  I choose Dunlop wheels because Dayton
doesn't make a 5.5" wide wheel (according to a salesman at Dayton they only
make 5" and 6").  The 5.5" gives me the option to run up to a 195 tire and I
saw no need to go up to 6".  From what I saw on the web it looks like there
are a lot of TR3s in Australia and a number in England with 72 spoke wire
wheels.  I've heard the Dunlop chrome is not up to the standards of Dayton,
but paint quality has been good.  I've sent the wheels to Hendrix Wire Wheel
for trueing and mounting.  Since I'm having them trued I wasn't so concerned
about the claims that Dunlop wheels typically need trueing before use.

Performance tires are widely available in 195/65.  And that is probably the
best choice, but here is where I took a small step in gaining width.  I
ordered 185/70 Vredestein sprints.  I'll see how these look and feel on the
road.  Maybe the next set of tires will be 195s.


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