[TR] aero screen mounts

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Sat Mar 6 14:57:12 MST 2010

I have TS32093LO, a '58 TR3A, and it has the captive nuts for the factory aeroscreens. But, sadly, no aeroscreens although I do have the original chromed bolts to mount them. 

John T. Nichols 
Manassas, VA 
'58 TR3A TS32093LO 
'86 TVR 280i 

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> don't the mounts come with the aero screens when purchased? 

I believe Tony's problem is that the currently available reproductions do 
not mount exactly the same as the originals. The early TRs had captive nuts 
built into the body for mounting the factory-optional screens; but the 
aftermarket screens don't fit those nuts. 

Don't recall offhand when the captive nuts were deleted, but it was pretty 
early. TS13571L has them, TS39781LO did not. 


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