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Here's what I know:
My car is TS22930LO, so has the fittings/mountings for the original-type  
aeroscreens. I bought Brooklands aeroscreens (the ones currently available) 
but  they don't match up to the car's original mountings.
Communication then took place between myself and a real aeroscreen guru  
called Tom Maddock (_ukz3man at yahoo.com_ (mailto:ukz3man at yahoo.com) ).  Tom 
produces conversion kits to make the Brooklands aeroscreen fit the original  
mountings. I bought a set from him; they work great. The mounting kit also  
includes seals for between the screens and the body that are designed to be 
the  right height and fill the gap properly.
One thing to bear in mind is that the glass on the original aeroscreens has 
 quite a bit more surface area than the glass on the Brooklands screens. 
The  original frames were about the same size as the later ones, but the 
original  glass widens out to be wider and taller than the later ones, giving a 
bit  more protection.
I've only just fitted my Brooklands aeroscreens, using Tom's conversion  
kits, so I can't tell you if they divert sufficient air flow/rain/bugs/etc. at 
 speed. They certainly sit lower to the body than intended. To me, that 
would not  seem to be a problem but, with every conversion kit, Tom provides a 
template for  the earlier glass to fit the later frame.
Let me know if you need further info.

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