[TR] Spitfire Question on Stromberg

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Sat Mar 6 09:52:26 MST 2010

If the car needs the choke pulled out to run, you have some issues
with the intake system.  Basically it indicates that the fuel to air
mixture is way too lean with the choke in the normal running

First thing I'd do is check for air leaks around the manifold gaskets.
With the car idling, as best as it can, spray some carb cleaner or
starting fluid around the manifold gaskets, both at the head to
manifold and carb to manifold joints.  If the speed of the idle
changes when you spray, there's a leak.  Also check the area
where the throttle shafts run in the carb body.

It may also be a fuel restriction like bad float level, dirty
needle or such.  Since it does run with the choke chances are
good you are getting sufficient fuel into the carb, the issue is
getting sufficient fuel out of the carb.


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