[TR] TR- TR all models

L1J1S at aol.com L1J1S at aol.com
Fri Mar 5 17:44:03 MST 2010

List, as you probably all know by now that i am a tr3-a man and not to be  
prejudice at all  with this poll i want to conduct is open to  all cars made 
by Triumph during it's production of cars. for each car i  would like to 
know what was the single most rarest factory option available  at the time. to 
get the ball rolling i will cast my vote on the tr3's. the  rarest option i 
can think of would have to be the single piece of luggage for  the trunk. 
now members go ahead and cast your vote, yes you may do so for more  than one 
model. have fun and let's get started.  larry  schwartz    1960 tr3-a

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