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It does not surprise me that you are having difficulties with your GT's carpet
fitting. I had similar issues when I was fitting new carpets to my MKIII. I
don't believe they were to the extreme of your problems. Mine is not wool. The
piece in the very back against the rear valance is not carpet but a piece of
board that fits over the rear compartment area. My tunnel and foot well carpet
fit poorly also.

I will most likely fit a molded carpet kit someday when I don't have anything
to do and I will most likely buy from Canley Classics or Newton Commercial in
the UK.

Tom Beaver
73 MKIII GT6....

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My wife, Carol, and I have recently purchased a 1972 GT6 and are in the
rocess of sprucing it up.  We ordered a carpet set (Wilton Wool) from a
ajor supplier and the fit is disappointing. There is a structural member
etween the rear fender wells (inside of the car) that there was no carpet
upplied to recover, there was no carpet supplied to cover the space in the
ack of the rear deck along the rear valance, the passenger floor  carpet
s about 4" too long, and the carpet that goes behind the  tunnel carpet,
hat is one piece originally, is three separate pieces.  It  just doesn't
oesn't fit and lay well.  Has any one else had this  problem?  I'm thinking
s would have been better to have a  local shop make the carpet set and
nstall it.  Has anyone else had this  experience?  BTW, if you have never
rdered Wilton wool it  is EXPENSIVE and they won't sell it to you.  It has to
ome from a  shop.

am and Carol Clark
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