[TR] vtr passwords and their dissemination

Doug Mitchell dmitchel at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 2 04:44:40 MST 2010

On a similar but different note, it would be a major help to me (as VTR
Bill Lynn and Bill Smith if, when you renew your VTR membership via
mail, you
include your membership number on your check and your name, address
membership number in the envelope. When the I only receive a check, it
adds to
my work and time (and Bill Lynn's reading interpretation of my chicken
Including your invoice would be even easier.

VTR mail goes to the
PO Box, (655) in Howell, Michigan. I pick it up and distribute
it to the
necessary parties. Bill Lynn gets the paperwork and Bill Smith the checks.
there is no other paperwork included, I have to record the information from
check and send it to Bill L. So, if your address gets changed without your
it, that is why.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Doug Mitchell

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