[TR] Tow Bar Blues

Tony Gordon triumph at 2simpleusa.com
Thu Jan 31 19:09:29 MST 2008

I think this somewhat akin to the brake fluid, gearbox oil and other such 
unresolved matters of how the universe works.  A standard manual trans. does 
not have an oil pump (unlike an auto trans that does).  The oil is 
distributed by the rotation of the various shafts.

I think it is something of an urban legend that the gearbox will suffer from 
towing ... however, everything in moderation.  I have towed manual trans 
cars hundreds of miles when I was younger (and all old British cars since I 
was in the UK at the time) without any ill effect.  However, if I was going 
to tow any great distance here in the US, I would probably remove the prop 
shaft given how easy it is to get to.

Tony Gordon
72 TR6
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> My understanding is that this is something you do not want to do unless 
> you
> disconnect the prop shaft.  The reasoning is that the oil is circulated
> through the tranny by the rotation of the input shaft and if you tow in 
> neutral
> the input shaft is stationary while the tranny is turning.  I have also 
> been
> told that this is a lot of hooey, but I also know of a bugeye in which the
> tranny failed as the result of doing so.
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