[TR] switch or knob refurbishing

ray at raysmg.com ray at raysmg.com
Thu Jan 31 16:34:14 MST 2008

   Robert asked about a "paint pen"...

   I  use  them  all  the time...have half a dozen different colors...the
   bright yellow is excellent for marking a panel prior to going after it
   with a grinder and cut-off disk.

   The product I use goes by the trade name DecoColor and is manufactured
   by  Marvy.  I  live in a university town and there are a number of art
   supply  stores  here;  one of the larger ones, Michael's, stocks these
   paint  pens. They are also available for a number of suppliers online;
   just  Google  "marvy  decocolor" for a list. About $2.50 each and they
   last a looooong time.

   Ray McCaleb
   ray at raysmg.com

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