[TR] Tow Bar Blues

Chris Simonsen ccsimonsen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 15:34:09 MST 2008

my vote is alignment, then possibily the steering box is so worn it wont
drive in reverse -  The few times I towed my TR2 with the homebuilt towbar
(bolts to frame rails vs. bumper)  the steering wheel movement made it look
like it was driving itself. These were all short tows..

I heard I should be disconnecting the drive shaft for long trips I brought
my TR4 home from Hampton on a two wheel trailer and it took me a while to
disconnect that old greasy driveshaft (freeing up frozen brake drums was a
whole nuther story) and made me a believer in a car trailer....- since that
one time I've borrowed car trailers.

54 TR2
63 TR4

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