[TR] engine swap / motor skip

Alan Salvatore 6parts at charter.net
Wed Jan 30 18:16:56 MST 2008

Randal was right.
Cam is non stock; supposed to be a 270 cam.

I reset the valves  to .012  inake & .014 exhaust.

Better, but still skipping.
I went on the electrical hunt:
Changed Plugs, still skipping.
Changed plug wires, nothing yet.
Changed distributer cap. Some improvement,  At least car could go down the 
Went about 10 miles,  Alternator light started coming on, started skipping 
some more.
There still doesn't seem to be any spark in # 2 cylinder.
At least when I unplug # 2 theres no difference.
If  I unplug any of the other spark plugs the idle changes.

Running out of ideas


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> Well,  I found the problem.
> I checked the notes I got with the car, and it has a high out put cam.
> Intake should be .012 & exhaust .014.
> I guess it didn't like being set at stock .010
> I probably put 10 miles on it today, I hope I haven't damaged anything.
> readjusting now.
> Thanks
> Al
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>>> If the valves were off would that cause a cylinder not to fire?
>> They would need to be significantly off, not just .002" IMO.
>>> How easy should the feeler guage move. No drag or slight drag.
>> IMO there should be a slight drag.  Purely as a learning exercise, try
>> using
>> feelers of +.002" and -.002" from the value you are trying to set.  The
>> -.002" should have no resistance whatsoever (and even rattle a little),
>> while the +.002" should be too tight to push in.
>> The other thing I am wondering : Is it possible your motor has a
>> non-original camshaft in it ?  Many 'performance' cams take significantly
>> more valve lash than stock, and setting them to the stock clearance can
>> cause problems at idle.
>> If it really runs better with the valves a little loose, then set them a
>> little loose ...
>> Randall
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