[TR] TR4 Voltage Reg/Igniton Light

Geo & Kathleen Hahn ahwahnee at cybertrails.com
Wed Jan 30 12:34:41 MST 2008

Looking inside the control box I learned a bit more about what is happening 
and thought I'd mention that before making any adjustment or performing the 
tests in the Lucas Fault Manual.

I find that the cut-out relay is still maintaining a slight magnetic field 
when the ignition is switched off.  I can feel it if I offer a screwdriver 
blade to the top of the coil.  The pull is not strong enough to pull the 
tongue of the contact down but it is strong enough (just barely) to hold it 
if I press it down.

Removing the battery ground cable eliminates the magnetic pull so I know 
this is not some residual ghostly magnetism lingering there.

Does this still suggest the adjustment mentioned or is something else at 



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From: "Randall" <tr3driver at ca.rr.com>

>> Is any of this suggestive of needed adjustment, cleaning or
>> other maintenance required?
> Yup, cutout relay inside the control box most likely needs adjustment... 

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