[TR] already turned rusty rotors?

dorpaul dorpaul at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 27 21:16:59 MST 2008

Sorry if this is a repeat- as I've changed ISP's.

I am now wondering about my front wheel rotors and my rear brake drums.  I
can't remember if I've 'turned' them already.  I kinda think I did this about
4 years ago, but since they've been stored under a tarp, I can't really tell
since their rusty again.
    Although no distinquishing 'ruts' are on the rotors, I can feel where
tracks remain (maybe a 1/32" deep?)?
    I wonder if they need 'turning' again?  what about the rust?  Can I use
steel wool on it?

Paul Dorsey
'60 TR3

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