[TR] HD intake/exhaust manifold gasket

terryrs at comcast.net terryrs at comcast.net
Tue Jan 29 17:18:21 MST 2008

Hi, Arnold.  I have no idea whether he has one or not, but when I needed specialty and high quality parts (read lifters, rebuilt camshaft, and so on), I went through Ken Gilanders at British Frame and Engine.  Good guy liberal with answers to questions and more experience than Methusalah.  Temple City,  CA  (626) 443-0939.

NFI.  Just a satisfied customer.

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A (TS 58667 grounded up and waiting for a new alternator bracket and the new plastic silent blocs)
New Hampshire 

PS.  I must respectfully offer an alternate view to Jerry, who wrote "I used to live in Wyoming, Chicago, Conneticut and Virginia and there's no cold like Pacific NW WET cold."  

I was born a fourth generation Pacific Northwesterner whose father, grandfather, and great-grandfather cut down the redwoods (it took three days using a two man saw called a 'misery whip'.  Believe me when I say there is no cold like the icy Atlantic Northeast that my native wife forced me to, where they send refrigerators for military survival training, and where Eskimos send their naughty children for improvement, and where Triumph sends their massive heater unites.  Uh, wait on that last one, I could be wrong.  

In late January, what I wouldn't give for a good old fashioned rainstorm Chrismas!  Come to think of it, I'd love to see a west coast winter in November!

> Howdy all, Trying to get the TR4A back in shape with new ARP head bolts 
> and 
> an extra thick head gasket in an effort to lower the compression ratio. I 
> am try to find 
> HD, that is the metal sandwich type manifold gaskets. I have tried the 
> usual suspects(Moss, BPNW, Ted S,, TRF, and LBCCO) to no avail. 
> Any ideas appreciated. 

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