[TR] engine swap / motor skip

tom white tswhitez123 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 08:04:22 MST 2008

To get valve adjustment correct you should use a dial indicator.  When I was
in auto tech at the dawn of time a company named Perfect Circle actually made
a tool for this.  I haven't seen one since.  So I made my own.

Take a piece of 1/8" thick steel the length of the engine head.  Make
adjustment cut to it so one edge of it fits on top of the valve cover mounting
surface on one side of the head.  Now find a way to secure it to the head.
Then mount your dial indicator stand to the plate of steel.  Install your dial
indicator so that you can set the index point vertically at the midpoint of
the the rocker arm where it contacts the valve stem.

Now rotate the engine until the particular valve is closed.  Set your dial
indicator to zero  with the rocker arm depressed to the valve stem.  Then
insert a feeler gauge and read the dial indicator.  Twist the feeler gauge a
little to see if the rocker arm is fully raised.  Adjust the rocker arm until
you get an accurate reading.  Then move on to the next rocker arm.

When I did this to my engine it made a world of difference in the way it ran
and the amount of noise it made.

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