[TR] Wrong TR3 starter/flywheel combinations?

Michael Lang mlang99 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 27 22:03:54 MST 2008

Thanks everyone for all of the information. I now know more about what I
have got.

I have two early starters, two early transmissions (one of which has a
hole cut in the bell housing to clear a later starter), and two later
flywheels. I now see the mis-match between the early starters and the
later flywheels. Per Tom's email, I see that the lead-in bevel is on the
wrong side of the ring gear for the type of starter that I have. It
looks like it would sort of work but probably not for long.

I don't think that I want to use the bell housing that has the hole cut
in it as it leaves a rather large opening for dirt to enter as well as
significantly weakening the area near the starter.

Based on Randall's email and the combination of stuff that I have got,
it looks like my best option is to start watching for a late gear drive
starter. I have observed what appears to be a lot of different
adaptations of existing starters on the market. Is there anything that I
should watch out for or stay away from?

I book marked an early shrouded starter on ebay this evening. I will
have to watch and see what it sells for. Maybe I can offset some of the
cost of the new starter by selling my old ones.


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