[Spridgets] 12G295 Head

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Thu Apr 28 17:24:03 MDT 2016


As Rick said, it's a 1098 head. 
Good upgrade for a 948 as it has larger valves and slightly smaller combustion chambers.

Overall, it's the same size as a 1275 head.
But, not much use for a 1275 as the valves are too small for it and the combustion chambers are too large.

Brian S.
Bugeyeracer finally resto'ed!
Thanks to Frank C.!

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> Subject: [Spridgets] 12G295 Head
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> I have a N.O.S. bare head, marked 12G295, which I believe to be 998 
> Cooper.  9 Stud, larger valves.  I checked it against a later 1275 head 
> and it looks almost the same, but with 4 larger holes for water?/oil? 
> circulation.  Can anyone confirm its use(s)?
> Cheers,
> Martyn
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