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Diane Elliman tycadia at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 25 17:56:23 MDT 2016

Hi all,

Yes, I also appreciated the info on wire wheels. I found a place here in the
Chicagoland area that knows how to deal with wire wheels and tubes. It was
recommended by the Chicagoland MG Club. They put on my new tires and did the
spare. They showed me the old ones. WOW, the tires were all cracked, and the
tubes had rust on them! They used the tape and talc that came with the tires
and tubes. They seem to have done a really good job, my little car drives
well! We put new seat foam in the drives seat last Saturday, still have to
do the passenger seat. Today I ordered all new carpet and  one new seat belt
for her. Probably will replace the other seat belt later. I have the new
dash panel, gas pedal, seat lever, and headlight toggle switch to put on her
still!  I found a new frame for the soft top at the swap meet a week ago. I
am slowly getting there. Still need that half cover and also need to get the
soft top fixed or get a new one.  I am totally excited about getting all the
stuff for her!! Are there any opinions regarding the soft tops with or
without the zipper on the back window??? Is the Zipper one any easier to
fold down?  


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