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Hi Bob,

Everyone else must be out driving their cars.  Or out in the garage working on them.  :-)

I would not bother trying to rebuild the master cylinders.  Replace them with new components.  Much less hassle and a better chance of success.  You've already replaced the Bugeye stuff with later components so you don't have to worry about originality.

That said, I would also use regular brake fluid.  I've never cared for the silicone stuff.  And I've heard that some of the currently available new master cylinders come with a proviso in their warranty stating that the warranty is void if silicone fluid is used.


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> OK, I am at my wits end tiring to get the hydraulics to work.  So who / where should I go to get the master cylinders rebuilt which may mean reboring.  I have separate masters for the brakes and the clutch, early Sprite MK IV.  Also am using silicon brake fluid.
> Recently honed and put new seals in both masters, brake and slave cylinders and disk calipers.  Am getting no fluid movement in the brakes.  Have fluid in the clutch slave but not enough pressure to move the slave cylinder.  The clutch slave has Gerard's remote bleed valve an fluid moves through this valve with no air.
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