[Spridgets] Wire Wheel Warning

Bob Spruck raspruck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 12:34:12 MDT 2016

Beware getting wire wheel work done by a local tire shop. I did that 
with my w/w '72 and they really screwed them up. Most places don't have 
the equipment or the experience to properly mount or balance w/w's. Mine 
ended up with a terrible imbalance because the shop couldn't support the 
hub and keep the rim concentric with it. Therefore the hub and the rim 
were on different center lines. VERY noticeable on the road. And not 
repairable unless you can find someone who knows how to tune and tighten 
w/w's. Those guys are getting hard to find, at least in the Atlanta area.

Also be wary of a service like K&T Automotive in Allentown, PA 
advertises. They call it tire truing. All they do is shave the tire to 
make it balance. So your wheel could be grossly out of whack and they 
shave the tire to make it balance. Not good.

Many people recommend you have your w/w work done at a motorcycle shop. 
I have not tried that but it makes sense if you can find one and verify 
that they can and will do what you want.

I had to convert my w/w '72 Midget to disc wheels (actually, I used the 
Minilite replicas that I had as rain tires on my '67 Midget vintage race 
car). That's a fairly straight forward job but did take lots of time.

The Sebring Sprite replica I bough last year has the bolt-on w/w 
conversion as well as brand new tires, so I hope I don't need any w/w 
work for a while.

If you tell us where you are located, some of us might be able to invite 
you to a vintage race to see what goes on. I've been hooked and racing 
my '67 for 25 years.

Bob Spruck
Sharpsburg, GA

On 4/11/2016 9:43 PM, Diane Elliman via Spridgets wrote:
> Well, I thought I would try and start my Midget tonight. It has been 
> in winter hibernation for at least 6 months in my garage. I am soooo  
> excited and happy to say she started just fine. I really had no real 
> trouble starting her. The battery was strong. I took your advice last 
> Fall and put some of that Stabil stuff in the gas tank. I guess it 
> really worked good!!! Thank you all for such good advice! So now I 
> plan on taking her on Friday to get the new tires and tubes put on. 
> They have been in my garage all winter too! No school Friday, so I 
> have time to get it done, in-between grading papers. It is supposed to 
> be close to 70 degrees this weekend too, so I can take her out for a 
> ride. Maybe even venture all the way to the swap meet in her. (45 min. 
> drive!) LOL. I just got my Midget last October, and have not really 
> taken her anywhere, just around here a little. I am so looking forward 
> to getting some things done to her and repainted. I also want to come 
> and see some of you race those little Spridgets!
> Life is good!
> diane
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