[Spridgets] my midget

Diane Elliman tycadia at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 11 19:43:37 MDT 2016

Well, I thought I would try and start my Midget tonight. It has been in
winter hibernation for at least 6 months in my garage. I am soooo  excited
and happy to say she started just fine. I really had no real trouble
starting her. The battery was strong. I took your advice last Fall and put
some of that Stabil stuff in the gas tank. I guess it really worked good!!!
Thank you all for such good advice! So now I plan on taking her on Friday to
get the new tires and tubes put on. They have been in my garage all winter
too! No school Friday, so I have time to get it done, in-between grading
papers. It is supposed to be close to 70 degrees this weekend too, so I can
take her out for a ride. Maybe even venture all the way to the swap meet in
her. (45 min. drive!) LOL. I just got my Midget last October, and have not
really taken her anywhere, just around here a little. I am so looking
forward to getting some things done to her and repainted. I also want to
come and see some of you race those little Spridgets!

Life is good!


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