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Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Sun Jan 12 22:28:06 MST 2014

Hello JohnD,

     You need a phone input. .. I can't remember all the technical
     terms anymore, but it goes something like this...

     A line level input is just that, it takes what it is given, but
     there is a correction curve in an RIAA phone input. The low
     frequencies need a boost because low freqs take so much more
     power to reproduce. The vibrating needle in the slot of a record
     doesn't have enough so the recording industry made a standard
     YEARS ago  that is a curve of boost across freqeuency. ..

     That and impedence matching of the coil to the input as mentioned
     in earlier post..


     may help.. it says that almost no equipment made after 2000 has
     the proper input for a turntable ...

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