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Chris Manuel cmanuel at wi.rr.com
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Sounds like your phase is off somewhere.  Are you hearing parts of the music
but missing the vocals?
Did you ground the pre-amp?

Went through kind of the same a few months back putting a new cart in my
jukebox.   Contact me off list if you want to walk through it.


Tubes rule.   

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I just know you guys will be able to solve this problem for me.....

I had to buy a new audio receiver (I guess it's now called a "audio/video
multi-channel control center" or something). Well, I can't play my vinyl
through it because it won't smooch with my vintage Acoustic Research
turntable. Darn thing doesn't have a phono input!  I thought vinyl was all
the rage now. So, I bought an in-line turntable pre-amp-- a Pyle Pro
PP444-- which promised to convert my phono signal to a line level signal.
When I hook it up, I still get barely audible volume from the phono. What am
I doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance.


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