[Spridgets] Term clarification

Brian Morse owensdad74 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 16:31:50 MST 2014

Greetings List,

Being a junior member here, I need some help with a basic term and it's

Namely, OSHIT- Rick Fisk told me what it was, but I can't remember what it
stands for.  I was going to recommend one to a MGE forum member, but don't
want to mention it not knowing what it is.

I think what's going on is the Holy Sprite story inspired a member to
collect money for an MGE member who lives in northern Wisconsin- and has
been working on his new Midget outside!!!!  He started a drive to buy him a
shelter from WalMart.  You can see the link here:


Great stuff all around- I couldn't be happier to be surrounded by so many
Spridget friends!

3wheel Morse

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