[Spridgets] Groups to Midget 50th?

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Thu Jun 16 18:02:05 MDT 2011


     Most in the Pacific Northwest know about our caravan from the
     Seatle area, but maybe some from Oregon or anywhere else along
     the route would want to join up... Here is the not set in stone
     but darn close itinerary.

     July 15, 07:00.. leave from North Bend Washington McDonalds
             heading down I-90. Arriving in Missoula Montana some
             hours later where we will spend the night.

     July 16, leave in the morning aiming for Gillete Wyoming.

     July 17, leave Gillette heading for Kurt Appley's farm in South
              Eastern South Dakota. He's offered his farm as a
              gathering point for anyone who wants to gather.

     July 18, Leave the farm and head to Elkhart Lake, arriving in the

      We plan to drive at about 60 mph, hoping to average 50 mph,
      covering 500 miles or so per day, about 10 hours of driving
      time, which includes stops for fuel roughly every two hours and
      a stop for lunch. If we get on the road by 08:00, we should be
      off the road by 06:00 (of the time zone from which we start each

      At this point we have 4 cars and 6 people making the trek.

      See ya'll soon in Wisconsin. We'll post relevant cell phone #'s
      just in case we get lost or someone wants to contact us....

      Mine is 360-261-9298. 

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