[Spridgets] WARNING! Mostly Spridget content - UK Midget 50th event

Neil Anderson neilandcustom at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 13:10:53 MDT 2011

Here is a report by my friend Martin Ingall on the big 50th Midget event at
Burghley House this past Sunday.   



Martin organized the 12 car Sebring Sprite replica display for the event on
the grounds of the estate.  About 700 cars, from the prewar Midgets through
all the "modern" variants, including Sprites, were expected.  The somewhat
typical English weather may have dampened the turn out, but not the
enthusiasm for the day.  It still looked like a great event.


In some of the photos, (click on top one to enlarge and to scroll through
the rest) you can see the grandeur of the house where the event took place.
Unfortunately, the left hand site sidebar menu obscures a portion of the


The house was built between 1555 and 1587 by William Cecil, Lord High
Treasurer of Queen Elizabeth I.  Not too shabby of a venue.  If you want to
learn more about Burghley House, go to this link:


I have somehow missed seeing this estate house on my trips to England.  I
won't the next time.  


See you at our event next month in Wisconsin.


Neil Anderson

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