[Spridgets] Re A (sad) Tale of Ethanol!!

Kurt Appley kmappley at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 22:29:54 MDT 2011

I'm not interested in getting into any long arguments and I'm sure the group
isn't either. I simply wanted to point out that not everything is the fault
of ethanol.
I concede that, of course, if you increase the consumption of any commodity
you will have an upward bias on the price. However there are other factors.
For one, this country has had a short corn crop because of the weather now
for several years. (Global warming???). This year very little corn got
planted in Ohio,Indiana, and Illinois. Much of the rest of the corn belt has
a lot of drowned fields and over next to me the Missouri river is in the
process of taking a bunch more. So the guys out in Jim's country are going
to clean up.
A couple years of good corn crops and the low prices that will go with that
and I'm guessing there will be more wheat planted in western Kansas.
BTW the stock market had a big one day rally lat week when they learned how
great our EXPORTS had been.
We haven't exported anything since the 70's.

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