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Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 23:48:22 MDT 2011

What?  You were expecting a contrary view pint maybe?.....


On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 11:59 PM, <b-evans at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Jim Johnson wrote:  b Worked with a guy in Houston who had 4 separate PhD's
> by the time he was 22. And they were in math and science!! We had to help
> him
> tie his shoes
> and occasionally had to go show him how to get to where he lived.b&b
> Ah, you were lucky, Jim.  After careers, among others, as a newspaper
> reporter
> and editor, and as a cop, I went back to school to get my BA and advanced
> degrees.  After that I found myself on the history faculty at a major
> university with 1,200 PhD.  Now it must be remembered that a PhD simply
> means
> that the person has simply done further study of a VERY narrow subject
> within
> their discipline.  (Mine was the influence on Congressmen from districts
> with
> large free and slave negroes when voting on race-related issues from
> 1830-1860.)   For myself, I forbid my students from addressing me as either
> b Doctorb  or b Professorb .  b Mr.b  was fine by me.  (At one point, we
> hired a new Academic VP who refused to address anyone as b Doctorb  unless
> the person was a MEDICAL doctor.  Unfortunately, too many PhDb s let their
> ego take control, and they believe they are expert on ALL issues, even
> outside
> their discipline.  (Remember, those who teach in grades K-12 must take
> courses
> in teaching and pass national and State tests.  PhDb s need no training to
> teach;  just the PhD b union cardb .  And, most have been institutionalized
> since they were 5--from kindergarten to elementary school to junior high
> school to high school to college to post-graduate university.  Few have
> been
> out in the real world, holding a job or meeting a payroll.  Fewer still
> have
> served in the military.
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