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Mon Jun 6 22:59:58 MDT 2011

Jim Johnson wrote:  b
Worked with a guy in Houston who had 4 separate PhD's
by the time he was 22. And they were in math and science!! We had to help him
tie his shoes
and occasionally had to go show him how to get to where he lived.b&b

Ah, you were lucky, Jim.  After careers, among others, as a newspaper reporter
and editor, and as a cop, I went back to school to get my BA and advanced
degrees.  After that I found myself on the history faculty at a major
university with 1,200 PhD.  Now it must be remembered that a PhD simply means
that the person has simply done further study of a VERY narrow subject within
their discipline.  (Mine was the influence on Congressmen from districts with
large free and slave negroes when voting on race-related issues from
1830-1860.)   For myself, I forbid my students from addressing me as either
 or b
.  b
 was fine by me.  (At one point, we
hired a new Academic VP who refused to address anyone as b
the person was a MEDICAL doctor.  Unfortunately, too many PhDbs let their
ego take control, and they believe they are expert on ALL issues, even outside
their discipline.  (Remember, those who teach in grades K-12 must take courses
in teaching and pass national and State tests.  PhDbs need no training to
teach;  just the PhD b
union cardb
.  And, most have been institutionalized
since they were 5--from kindergarten to elementary school to junior high
school to high school to college to post-graduate university.  Few have been
out in the real world, holding a job or meeting a payroll.  Fewer still have
served in the military.

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