[Spridgets] Horn button question

Heard Saxon heard at datatrontech.net
Mon Jun 6 06:32:37 MDT 2011

Well, I'm progressing along with getting my '60 Bugeye back on the road, but
I think I'm missing some horn button or steering wheel parts or I just don't
understand how the thing works.  
Can someone please describe to me how (or where) the horn brush picks up the
ground when you push the button.  I understand the path from horn to the
surround to the brush.  What I don't see is how the brush under the button
gets to ground.  Is it coming from the column somehow?  If so, what connects
it to the column?
Also, what is supposed to hold the button in place?  Does it just snap in?
I can see a hole in the side of the steering wheel.  Is this for some sort
of retaining screw?

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