[Spridgets] Miata's In England

Kirk Hargreaves khargreaves2 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 15:54:46 MDT 2011


On our recent trip having driven over 600 miles, plus many more riding the
Underground and popping up into different cities I do not recall seeing very
many Miata's.  Possibly two or three tops.  I spotted more of the new MG's
(by a few) and a lot of the new Fiat 500's running the roads.

I counted only three LBC's. .  one a Morris Minor wagon and a couple of Mini
Coopers (the classic Mini's).  There were also a lot of Smart Cars in France
and a good share of the new Mini Coopers in the UK.

It looks, from the experience we had, that the Miata is not as popular in
England as it is in California where we see them on our roads on a regular

Is the Miata seen as a usurper to the classic days of real Brit sports

Just some thoughts regarding as I was surprised that we did not see the
Miata as a car of interest while over there.

I would have loved to have had my Bugeye while there.


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