[Spridgets] Volvo P1800E - not really LBC

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Volvo started Bosch Electronic fuel injection in the p1800 and 142E in 1971.


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New neighbours a while back.  So FF to today and there is a red Volvo  
P1800 outside their house and it's on unusual alloy wheels so I went out to take 
 a couple of photos.
Turns out it's the guy next doors Mum and she's owned it for 28  years.  I 
never knew they made them with injection (the E) and so hers  develops 
120bhp, not sure how quick it'd go but I'd guess 110mph+/- 4.  
So any listers have any P1800 interest want to e-mail me.
Weslake-Monza 1330

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