[Spridgets] Moss Fan Kit

Kirk Hargreaves khargreaves2 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 18:10:39 MDT 2011


Almost my name as I get called "Kurt" all the time . .

I ran one for a while.  . it was fine. .  kept the temps down as far as they
could be brought down with the stock radiator at hot summer stoplights.

My son had a Suzuki 16 valve Swift.  I later used the radiator which is
about the same as a Geo Metro radiator and from there on I have never seen
the car come above 170 degrees (160 thermostat) during long sits at stop
lights in 100 degree plus weather.  I also use the fan from the Metro type
radiator connected to a thermostat that I bought from Auto Zone to control
when it turns on and off.

If I were to do it all over again I would junk yard a Metro radiator and do
the same thing again.  And no doubt less money than the Moss fan kit.  My
radiator had over 100 thousand miles on it when I put it in 6 plus years ago
and has been running fine since.  The feed in and out of the Metro lines up
with the stock radiator which makes it a fairly easy conversion.  I did have
to trim off a very small edge off the fan blades to avoid the steering rack.
I also had to lean it back some to avoid the hood hitting the cap.

I recall Frank saying something about the need to source the correct Metro
radiator as the one that comes with an automatic car is too large for the
Bugeye or vice versa?  (Too tall)

Someone on the list no doubt would know which is which . . to either source
one from a stick shift car or from a Metro that had an automatic tranny?


59 1275

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