[Spridgets] Toilet Energy, No LBC

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 08:49:14 MDT 2011

George Bush hates black people.
Therefore if you like George Bush you must also hate black people?

My problems with Obama aren't about his race.  His citizenship is of
more concern to me.  People say that issue has been settled but it
surely was squirrelly. It kinda popped up like a rabbit out of a hat
all the sudden when it would have been much better if it had popped up
a long time ago.

Although I do not condone racism I feel that racists are entitled to
their opinion.  It seems OK to hate the majority, though, and that is
racism, too.  The NAACP, is, by definition, racist.  Black Panthers
intimidating people at polling places is racist.  Why are some forms
tolerated and others not?

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