[Spridgets] Toilet Energy, No LBC

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Thu Jun 2 22:39:35 MDT 2011

Brad, do I have this "correct" ??

<< Brad, perhaps you havenbt been b
 to have been
the  recipient of Busterbs off list racist crap.>>

Larry is carping about mail he gets OFF List but doing so ON List ??

Did I get it tight ???

And THEN he says:
" it really isnbt any of your business anyhow. ".

If "it" isn't any of "your business" WHY is he rantin on yer case ??
And whilst yer 'splaining DAT, plz tell me WHY am I reading about
it 'cause if it ain't none of "your business" why is it any of mine ??

I 	MUST	  be "missing" something, right ???????

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