[Spridgets] really dumb question, dont laugh

Jack Laird jlaird237 at cox.net
Thu Jun 2 11:33:18 MDT 2011

Actually once you learn how to do it the tranny bolts from the bottom are 
easy. Leave the engine and tranny hanging just a bit on the hoist. like 1/8 
inch.. Slide under and fit the bolts with one hand and move the 
tranny/engine with the other as necessary. Peice of cake guys.

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> OK, I'll weigh in now. I just put the engine back into the MKII after 15
> years, transmission included. Did a clutch on the BE July 1 last year. the
> engine/trans install is easier in the BE because you don't have the front
> apron in the way (in front of the radiator), but you do have the option of
> removing the bonnet.
> With the MKII, everything was dry, so I put the driveshaft into the tunnel
> before putting the engine/tranny in, had to drop the rear of the engine by 
> ~
> 6" on the hoist and still had to do a bit of fiddling to squeeze the trans 
> by
> the heater box. Did it all by myself and it was in in around an hour.
> With the BE, everything was full, the worst part was getting the 
> driveshaft
> down the tunnel without hanging up on things, otherwise it was about the 
> same
> with the exception of needing more lift on the bonnet (I left it attached 
> to
> the supports).
> As someone said, aligning the bolts that go up into the trans mount is 
> tough,
> I used a lady slipper to feel for the edges of the threads and then moved 
> the
> trans in the direction of the most protruding edge- not too bad, just 
> don't
> tighten ANYTHING until all of the bolts are started.
> The MKII is SOOO close to running now, I'm chomping at the bit. Last night 
> I
> found that i had to put the carbs onto the 1100 intake manifold that I had
> (didn't even know I had one) so that it fits with the LCB header, while I 
> had
> it apart, I had (?) to radius all of the internal edges and then taper the
> insulators to ease the transition to the intake-I hate sharp changes in 
> flow
> diameters). It should be running this weekend, only one week behind 
> schedule!
> Mark Haynes
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> Hello David,
>     I've been waiting for you to weigh in on this debate...
>     I've done it both ways too. It's a pain to get all the bolts back
>     in the bell housing, but no more pain than trying to slide the
>     whole works in and line up the bolts under the car into the
>     tranny. .....
>     Also, BE's ARE different than Square Bodied Cars. I've never done
>     either in a BE.
>     10 of one kind, half score of another....
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